Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hello and a very happy 2015 to you!
I haven't been slacking - here are a few treats I've been working on.

1. House warming/New Year pompom chain (who needs Anthropologie?)

2. David Shrigley cushion cover. Made from a tea towel which was too nice to use for washing up.

3. Unfortunate baking. This lemon and poppy seed cake was delicious before it went into the oven. However, coupled with the fact that our oven doesn't work very well and I always forget to add enough baking powder (no self-raising here) this cake was very dense. Crispy on the outside, under-done on the inside. 


  1. I love the pompom chain. What a great idea! and the cushion looks fabulous! Thanks for the 'hint'. I got a lovely tea towel from Sweden and was not very keen on using it, but had no idea what to do with it. You have just inspired me :)

  2. I love tea towels! Share pictures of your cushion when you've finished it.

  3. Love the look of the cake, bet it was nice and crispy. And the pompom chain is wonderful. David Shrigley would be proud of the cushion I am sure.