Sunday, 31 August 2014

Here are some scans from my sketchbook. Some watercolours from the trip to the southwest of England and a couple from the Swiss adventure.

This is at Cape Cornwall.

Sennet Cove, where we stopped for fish and chips. The black building in the middle was round with a stone roof and was where the fishermen used to dry their nets. There's a little gallery inside which was boiling hot, perfect for drying things out!

Woolacombe, rockpooling as usual!
We also had trips to St. Ives, Boscastle, Tintagel Castle.

Then, via various methods of transport - Switzerland!

After a very short walk we stopped for a rest in this shady spot before walking up to the waterfall.

 Our fantastic bbq picnic spot - not a bad view eh?

This was after our wonderful lunch in Tirano. All the courtyards were open to the public and had various contemporary art exhibitions in. This courtyard was wonderful. 

Off on another trip tomorrow - time for a new sketchbook. Bye for now.