Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What, what it's 27th November. How did that happen?

Here are the November Care Packages for the Oh Comely! November box swap.

I got loads of lovely treats including: a delicious looking recipe, an interesting article about Stephen Shore who I knew nothing about and whose work sounds right up my street; an american Martin Parr, a felt Christmas decoration (eek!), hot chocolate on a spoon (yummy), some cool photos taken by Emma and a sketch book and pencil!

THANK YOU EMMA - I love my box.

I hope Emma liked her box. This is what it looked like before I sent it!

It's such a great idea and reminded me how much I love getting and sending stuff in the post.

The green flowery sticker was bought from the lovely Pavinee's Etsy shop here. The pompom was made using the pompom maker from Madrid - see earlier post. And a cool black and white photo I found in the street of some people up the coast at one of my favourite spots, Tossa de Mar in the 1960s.

General wonderfulness!


  1. This is a wonderful idea! I love, love the idea of the box swap and both of your boxes are so pretty and interesting - what a treat for both of you!! xoxo

    1. It was so great to take part Stephanie! It really was a treat