Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Well, these little chaps were the reason for our trip to Pembrokeshire and let me say it was so worth it! The puffins didn't disappoint us, we had visions of clinging to a foggy rock in the middle of grey seas catching a glimpse of one small bird in the distance.

This image couldn't have been further from the reality! We spent about 3 hours on Skomer Island hanging out with these jolly birds, getting in their way and laughing at their limited landing techniques. So, I highly recommend a visit - check dates as puffins hang out in the Atlantic for several months of the year.

Here's a little watercolour, looking down on the far side of the island.


  1. Oh my goodness! You saw puffins! In real life! Amazing!

    Puffins are one of those animals that look almost make believe, how wonderful to actually see them in the wild :)

    1. They are amazing birds and so much fun!

      We were lucky to see them on such a glorious day.

  2. Really like this drawing - looks as though it was made so quickly with your wonderful eye catching all.

  3. Thank you! It was really great just sketching in a tiny pocket watercolour book. Need to do some more in the city!