Saturday, 24 August 2013

UK was followed by Switzerland... in the sunshine too! It was even hot hot hot in Zurich!

Here's the view from the terrace down over part of the village. 

Here are the views towards the mountains... 
looking left

...and looking right.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ok here are some more UK pics.

Have I mentioned how wonderful the weather was? This is the lovely beach at Woolacombe. It's a great place for rock pools and so easy to lose track of time. We nearly got cut off by the rocks and the sea and spent 15 tense minutes scrambling over the rocks before reaching safety.

Here are the fantastic rocks at Illfracombe. On the other side of these is the 'controversial' Damian Hirst sculpture Verity

This was a lovely spot at Lee Bay, more rock pools and plenty of seaweed too.

Then the last UK treat a trip to Glastonbury. The Abbey is wonderful and had plenty to keep us amused including the site of King Arthur's burial, birds of prey, a badger set, ruins and a great visitor centre. A perfect stop off before heading to Bristol airport.

Friday, 16 August 2013

So to mark the end of our Welsh adventure we headed to Devon via the Gower Peninsular and a good look at Worm's Head recommended by Gemma. Thank you!

Beautiful weather and long sandy beaches.

We wondered why it was called Worm's Head as it doesn't resemble a worm in the slightest. Originally it was known as 'Wurm' by Viking invaders which means 'dragon'. A giant sea-serpent is much more like it!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

So after the amazing puffins we chilled out and saw the sights of Pembrokeshire...
Tenby which has a museum with paintings by Gwen and Augustus John and a cabinet choc full of curiosities including my favourites: a handwarmer in the shape of a potato (6) and a fire extinguisher (8). Although without the labels I would have had alternative suggestions for their uses.


A wee sketch of the bay tree outside our cottage

Then we dropped into Dylan Thomas' boat house in Laugharne. Beautiful views and a lovely cuppa (well I actually had a fizzy water as it was SO hot). The first poem he wrote from his writing shed about the view is here.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Well, these little chaps were the reason for our trip to Pembrokeshire and let me say it was so worth it! The puffins didn't disappoint us, we had visions of clinging to a foggy rock in the middle of grey seas catching a glimpse of one small bird in the distance.

This image couldn't have been further from the reality! We spent about 3 hours on Skomer Island hanging out with these jolly birds, getting in their way and laughing at their limited landing techniques. So, I highly recommend a visit - check dates as puffins hang out in the Atlantic for several months of the year.

Here's a little watercolour, looking down on the far side of the island.

Hello, I'm back home after travels and adventures.

Last year I filled a whole sketchbook over the year, but not this year so when it came to the summer break I regretted not having done the same. Instead I decided to finish off one that had a few bits in. I'm really glad I did, I painted more than usual and I think my painting improved as a result!

As always the first picture was a little self conscious (!).

This is our cottage in Penlan, St Clears.

After an entertaining journey from London to Swansea we hired our car and set off on our adventure.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Still away from home. This time next week I'll be back. Here's a little something from yesterday.
 a little mountain sketch